We are based in South Africa, Zimbabwe & India and specialised in RHODES GRASS seeds(cv.KATAMBORAPANICUM MOMBASA seeds and various kinds of Tropical Forage Grass seeds since 1999.

We have exported our "BLUE LEAF" brand quality seeds to worldwide and endeavoring to challenge with new markets with our 20 years of Know-Hows and sovereign customer satisfaction management.


We are aiming to be the biggest supplier of RHODES GRASS seeds in the world by planting on huge area(500 Hectars) in South Africa (near Zimbabwean border) and  much more areas in Zimbabwe  under full central pivot irrigations.

All our fields are equipped with modern irrigation systems and weeds control systems to produce utmost quality seeds throughout the year.

You are always welcomed to visit our fields of ambition to turn your tough grounds to prospective green fields and we are ready to cooperate with you under any circumstances.


.To deliver a sustainable & profitable challenges on agriculture sector and propagation of seeds for success


.To contribute to the development of eco-friendly fodder seeds for green planet.


.Predict customer's needs with flexibility.

.Be friendly with environment.

.Serve clients on win-win basis & long term basis.

.Respect customers and rectify problems immediately.

.Firstly quality,secondly quality and lastly quality

.Seeds are our reason for being.

.Be aggresive with challenges.


.Cooperate with Agents/Dealers to maximise efficiency.

.Think & act for customer's point of view.

.Be dedicated in sustainable win-win solution.

.Deliver maximum satisfaction to customers and associates.

.Focus on customer's success.


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